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Welcome to the MALu-wiki, here you will able to find a little help to get you started with MAL Updater. At the moment the wiki is still not complete, and I (Bard) am a lazy bum, so it will take a while.
If whatever you're looking for is still not here or you're having any issue with MALu, you should come to [ and ask there; actually just come there anyway so we'll have more people!
If you have any suggestions, critics or contribution you want to make to this wiki, you can send me a PM to [my MAL profile].

Basic Guide
1. How to Install
2. Setting up the Basic Functions
3. Setting up file renaming and moving
4. Setting up the Torrent downloader
5. Setting mIRC and Messenger broadcast
6. Using Anime List Filters
MALu2 Tools
File/Folder Tools
Season Browser
Tags Editor
Airing Times

MALu2 Plugins
Anime List Anime Panels MAL Updates PlayNext
Recognition Torrent Now Playing Notification
IRC: Video IRC: Audio MSN: Video PHP Signature
Network Player File Processing Hot-keys System Info
Logging Sound

You can also check the log of all changes made to MALu since version 2.0 here.