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One of the features of MALu2 is renaming and moving of the episodes you watch. This page will explain how to set up that function.

Activating and configuring File Processing Plugin

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File Processing Plugin settings tab
This step is quite easy, you just need to go to Plugin Settings tab, activate the File Processing plugin by clicking on its name (it will turn green when enabled), then open the plugin's settings by clicking the gear-icon.

Here you can turn on the renaming function by checking the first box, then you'll have to select HOW to rename your files.
First of all there are two options: a full rename or adding MAL IDs. MAL IDs are tags containing the number of the database entry in MyAnimeList of the anime and the episode number. Adding a MAL ID to a filename will speed up the time MALu2 needs to search for the anime and also avoid completely any change of a wrong recognition of that file. If you choose to do a full rename you'll have to specify the pattern used for renaming; the avaiable info that you can include in the name are:

 %FANSUB% The fansub name: if there's something BEFORE the anime title in the previous filename, it will be recognized as the name of the fansubber group.
 %NAME% The title of the anime recognized while playing the file, note that if the previous filename used an alternate title of the anime, this variable will still contain the "official" name used in MyAnimeList.
 %EP% The episode number, nothing much to say about this
 %MALTAG% The MAL ID, notice that square brackets are already included in the MAL ID.

Here some examples of patterns and resulting filnames:

Pattern New Filename
 %NAME% - %EP% %MALTAG%[%FANSUB%] Kamen no Maid Guy - 11 [MID#3616#11#][Yakuza&T-K].mkv
[%FANSUB%] %NAME% - Episode %EP% [Yakuza&T-K]Kamen no Maid Guy - Episode 11.mkv
 %MALTAG%[%FANSUB%][%NAME%][%EP%] [MID#3616#11#][Yakuza&T-K][Kamen no Maid Guy][11].mkv

The other function of the File Processing plugin is to move the files (after you watch them) to the folder assigned to that anime. If you enable that you will also need to assign folders to the anime or else it won't work. Notice that if there is no anime folder set, the plugin will just leave the file where it was.

Setting Anime Folders