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Changelog moved to

== xmas 2013

Updated "Related data" for missing shows

== 13 June 2013

Updated Twitter plugin for API v1.1 and SSL endpoints.

== 02 April 2013

So April's fools is over, but 3.0 development continues at a faster pace. You can join the group and watch for topics, I will soon post some info:!forum/mal-updater3

== 31 Mar 2013

  • Initial 3.0 release

== 14 Jan 2013

  • Fixed VLC support for Windows XP

Update #2

  • Another fix for VLC
  • PlayNext time setting to look for new files on startup fixed.
  • W8 player support

== 31 December 2012

  • Support for latest MPC-BE

== 23 December 2012

  • Small fix for airing schedules
  • Fix "No Data received from MAL" issues
  • Reduced exe size

== 18 December 2012

  • Fixed bug with Twitter plugin (auth window didn't show up sometimes)

== 16 December 2012

  • Necessary update to correctly process new airing schedules XML, now encrypted for upcoming MAL Updater 3.0
  • Update2: fixed Twitter plugin.

== 02 December 2012

  • Fixed issue with Twitter plugin (twitter API changed something in their auth process).

== 29 November 2012

  • Added support for MPC-BE 32/64 (included in "MPC all versions").

== 25 November 2012

  • Fixed a bug with the name override feature.

== 11 November 2012

  • Some fixes for TokyoTosho RSS data
  • Replaced AnimeSuki by Nyaa
  • Anime/Manga list columns size will now be restored when you restart

== 29 October 2012

  • Improved related entries area: Now you can ignore entries by related show individually rather than removing them all (including future ones) related to the main one. You can also manage the ignored shows and put them back in the list.

Unfortunately, the settings for previously ignored shows prior to this update will be lost, and you will have to re-add them.

  • Update 2: fixed a bug in the popup menu for related entries, where adding a show as anything other than to CurrentlyWatching was processed as Watching.

== 26 October 2012

  • New: you can now right-click related anime entries to remove them from the list.
  • (2) Added feature to main menu: "Export AnimeList". This will export your list to a XML with a format compatible for list imports. The feature in the MAL site is broken, so this can be used instead. The "update_on_import" value is automatically set to 1.
  • (3) Added export feature for MangaList as well.

== 17 October 2012

  • Fixed a bug with the name override feature introduced in 2.85

== 16 October 2012

  • Updated genres data and related shows for the entire Anime DB

== 15 October 2012

  • Fixed: glowing text on main window
  • Added feature: override anime name. Right-click anime titles to override their name, to be used for player recognition, file and torrent search, etc.

== 27 July 2012

  • Added a setting to disable the start-up splash screen.
  • Fixed some crash issues.

== 24 Mar 2012

  • Fixed PotPlayer support.

== 21 Jan 2012

  • Fixed an issue introduced in the last patch: per-Anime folders weren't used in uTorrent
  • Anime folder settings are now being saved more often (so the settings aren't lost in the case of an app or system crash)
  • HTTP browser links to TokyoTosho are now launched with HTTPS

Please note there are some issues with uTorrent and magnet links, as described here: [1]

== 20 Jan 2012

  • Torrents plugin: if you have it setup to use uTorrent, when downloading from TokyoTosho Mal Updater won't download the .torrent files, but use the magnet link instead.

I will be removing Animesuki and allow only torrent clients which accept magnet links soon in a future update.

update 2: fixed an issue with the magnet update (uTorrent didn't launch under some circumstances)

== 12 Jan 2012

  • Fixed "set to watching" to set forum posts as watching when sending an episode comment from Mal Updater.
  • Fixed "Edit Anime in MAL" (right-click anime entry/menu), the link was incorrect for a while.

== 18 December 2011

  • Changed airing schedules list update from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • Removed series from airing schedules which you have either dropped or completed.

Update: temporal fix to the "white box" issue.

== 31 August 2011

  • Changed relogin time from 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • Changed refresh time on Anime info dialogs from 1 minute to 5 minutes

(server load issues)

== 11 April 2011

  • Crash related bug fixes
  • Removed the debugger that sends crash info
  • Added Windows Media Center and XBMC to supported players

== 08 April 2011

  • Added genres info to season browser (only Spring 2011 at the moment)
  • Added a filter in season browser to filter by genres/name

== 05 April 2011

  • Fixed theme builder bugs with custom buttons
  • Added Splash Lite/Pro player
  • Fixed a crash bug related to running on Windows 7 with custom shells that break Taskbar interface COM object.

== 04 April 2011

  • Bug fixes
  • Improve network connectivity
  • Fixed bugs in themes center and theme version checks
  • Fixed bugs related to theme installation when running multiple instances

== 01 April 2011

  • Misc bug fixes

== 21 March 2011

  • Fixed: list didn't load when MAL list data had some corrupted entries
  • Fixed: crash (rarely) when shutting down sometimes
  • Fixed: crash (rarely) when selecting an item in the search results window after adding an entry

== 19 March 2011

  • Fixed an issue, if you updated something through MAL website, it didn't update in Mal Updater, due to a problem on -MAL- not updating some user data related to the API.

== 15 March 2011

  • Fixed some unicode related issues with series names etc when running malu on non-english system locale (Japanese etc). Also some fixes in "normal" system-locale.
  • Removed the "fix mal lag" option; this is handled internally in a different way now. You will still experience delays when adding/deleting series though.
  • Fixed some minor bugs that rarely caused a crash as per the user reports being received.

2nd Udpdate

  • Fixed a bug in the "Related" Anime tab that caused many shows not being listed.

== 05 March 2011

  • Added an option (default ON), in Mal Updates settings: "Fix MAL lag". This will ignore differences in your list on MAL when syncing for certain data, so if you update some details they won't be rolled back because MAL is lagging. However, you still need to wait for MAL to update when you -add- a series (but it wont be removed if it's missing on the next sync). Note that if you change any details from the website, you need to turn this option off. This is just a temporal partial fix until Mal Updater 3.x which will work in a different (better) way.

== 28 Feb 2011

  • Fixed a bug in manga updates plugin, where it would crash when attempting to update tags or start/end dates.

Update 2:

  • Fixed a bug in XML parser that crashed the app
  • Fixed a bug in the Twitter library which made some users unable to update status
  • Extended "Related" anime area tab a bit

== 26 Feb 2011

  • Fixed issue in torrents plugin where discarded/downloaded entries would show up again (problem with animesuki feed)
  • Fixed: clicking the tray icon to bring torrents window up didnt make it the active window
  • Fixed a bug in the updater where it would start downloading before malu was closed

== 24 Feb 2011 ~ fixes in torrents plugin

  • Fixed Torrents plugin, it got bugged in last update and didnt show any results. Also fixed broken downloads from Tokyotosho ("invalid torrent file")
  • Added GZip support to torrent plugin, it will be much faster to check now
  • Small improvement to torrents matching
  • Added "size" row to torrent results

== 22 Feb 2011 v.2.80

  • More stability fixes
  • Fixed crashes on search/add window. fixed names that were showing html codes and other formatting issues. fixed the image preview
  • Fixed an issue where users with Bitdefender installed werent able to retrieve the list from MAL
  • Fixed a bug in the client updater when using Portable version
  • Further speed improvements
  • Note: your list will appear empty the first time after you install 2.80, this is normal.

Development will focus back on 3.x now unless major bugs remain in 2.x (crash etc).

== 20 Feb 2011 v2.79

  • LOTS of stability fixes, improved performance.

== 17 Feb 2011

  • Added offline list support to MangaList plugin
  • Stability fixes to MangaList plugin
  • Twitter plugin will now copy the auth URL to obtain PIN code to the clipboard during the auth process, in case the URL fails to launch in the browser automatically
  • Fixed the tool "MalU2RegistryFix" which clears all user data and settings.
  • Added an option to the Uninstaller to clear all user data/settings before uninstall.
  • Fixed bugs in the application updater; now in the event of a network cut, it will try to resume the downloads. If the download is cut mid way, it won't overwrite the MalUpdater.exe file.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the application updater when run in Portable mode.


  • Fixed a bug in mangalist that caused it to freeze or crash. This is a long-time bug that was affecting the MangaList plugin severely, should be really fixed now :)

== 16 Feb 2011

  • Fixed support for latest nightly builds of MPC-HC. MPC/HC 32/64 have been merged into a single player setting now. Please check settings/anime rec. options to make sure your player is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused malu to crash for some users, due to corrupted data from MAL.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: New tab "Related" in the Anime list area. This will list series you have which have related ones (like other seasons, specials, movies), which are not present in your list.


  • Fixed problems with MPC.
  • Added 3gp to supported video file extensions.
  • Fixed problem with Twitter auth window appearing behind other windows and frezzing the app.
  • Fixed crashing issues in the Theme center.

== 15 Feb 2011

  • Fixed Twitter plugin. Now it also works with Unicode messages.
  • Added option to the main menu "Send Twitter message" to twit any kind of message.
  • Few speed optimizations; exe size reduced ~400 KB

== 10 Feb 2011

  • Fixed a problem (probably) a few users were having with the new Gzip support
  • Added gzip support to mangalist retrieval
  • Resetted gzip setting, back to default on if you had it off

- Second Update

  • Added genres to the searchbox capabilities. Now you can type (Anime only) genres in the box like drama, ecchi, romance.. it will filter your list by the same genres defined in MAL.

This is probably the last update before 3.x

== 9 Feb 2011

  • Added an option to turn off gzip compression for MAL data transfers, and some checks to avoid using it if not available even if enabled. Don't disable it unless you are having troubles connecting.

== 8 Feb 2011

  • Fixed a bug that didn't send end watching date correctly for some shows
  • Added support for gzipped content encoding from MAL (means your list and anime data will load a few times faster)

== 8 aug 2010

fixed mpc hc build 2121+

== 16 May 2010 - b. 30017

  • Fixed recognition for DivX player and VLC 1.x

== 08 May 2010 - b. 30016

  • Added an option to scroll line by line rather than full pages.
  • Fixed PlayNext problem with mal tags.
  • Enabled crash debugger to send reports again
  • Added tool to send info about wrongly recognized files to Mal Updater's server for improvement

== 12 April 2010 - b. 30015

  • Added WMP12 support for Windows 7. This is experimental, please comment in the forums if it's not working. Works best without a playlist on.

== 10 April 2010 - b. 30010

  • Fixed "offline" problem
  • Fixed mirc auto-broadcast

== 4 April 2010 v2.7

  • All plugins have been rewritten for better performance and stability
  • Removed orzbot from torrents plugin
  • Semi-offline mode: you can access (not update) your (Anime) list while offline. Right-click login button to go offline if needed. Your list will load on start-up before you login.
  • Multi-user. You can add users/profiles to use different settings/logs etc. Access this feature via main menu/manage users
  • Redesigned settings area and default plugins.
  • Added SPlayer.
  • Removed "plugin tools" window.
  • Other misc fixes.

== 14 Jan 2010

  • MAL login fix

== 23 Nov 2009

  • Airing schedules fix

== 22 Nov 2009

- This is just a small update as a separate build than current dev. one.

  • Added support for latest builds of MPC-HC and MPC-HC 64bit
  • Debugger disabled (the "send bug report" feature).
  • Fixed the synopsis of various Anime entries in the Anime info window, all entries of "Spice & Wolf" will now display "Horo" correctly (data is wrong in the MAL DB).

== 1 Sept 2009

  • Airing schedules feed ~5-10x faster to download. The older xml will no longer be updated.
  • The updater will always re-launch and login malu now.
  • Some more crash fixes.

== 31 August 2009

  • PlayNext: huge speed improvements (several times faster) and recognition fixes
  • MPC-HC 32/64 fix (latest version didn't work)
  • errr, dunno, some more stuff (misc fixes from crash reports and such)

== 27 August 2009

  • New updates system: most updates from now on won't be forced, only available if you wish to update. Major builds will still force you to, but will be rare.
  • Fixed: login issues with some ISPs that cache login requests.

== Headline text

== 26 August 2009

  • Orzbot, which supplies malu with airing data, has been down a lot today, so I'm releasing yet a new patch.. so malu won't disconnect even if orz website fails. Airing data will be in my server soon so this won't be an issue anymore.
  • "Alternate login fix" -> deprecated. Normal login should work for everyone now.
  • Crash fixes. The crash on windows shutdown should be fixed now, let me know if not.
  • Open Anime folder from popup menu: fixed
  • Recognition level setting disabled and forced to 1. This setting will be gone soon.
  • Theme updates message spam.
  • Probably more stuff I forgot.

== 25 August 2009

  • More bug fixes related to crashes and themes.

== 22 August 2009 - v2.55

  • Many bug fixes from crash reports
  • Twitter plugin: disabled by default, go to Settings/Pluggins to activate it and set it up
  • Fixed themes engine bug, where some types of PNG images didn't work.
  • Themes: now malu will notify you when a new version of the current theme is available, or when there are new themes available in the website (only if you are using themes).
  • Important for theme makers: If you update your theme, now you can re-upload it to without changing the filename and users will be notified. For this, you need to rebuild the theme in the editor and raise the version number, then in the website provide the password you previously used when uploading the theme. If you never provided one, PM me in mal first and I will update it in the database first so you can proceed. There will be some UI changes soon which will require your themes to be updated, so keep this in mind.
  • Changes to MALU website: many improvements in the website like new filters for theme listing, like Most Used which shows you what themes are most used (as in actually loaded in MAL Updater); users avatars are now displayed in comments and theme/user search; search themes by author; ability to upload upgraded themes; notifications when themes are accepted or deleted and when your theme gets comments; and a few other tweaks.

== 14 August 2009

  • Some bug fixes (crash)
  • Small adjustment to episodes bar regarding total/aired items

Keep sending crash reports, they help a lot.

== 11 August 2009

  • Mangalist: fixed 2 issues: after an update, the list selected the first item in the list; updating the last chapter crashed the app.
  • Animelist: fixed issue where "eps in disk" bar would extend past the bar limits.
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing the app upon shutdown.

== 10 August 2009 - v2.51

  • Some changes in AnimeList design
  • Fixes in PlayNext: - recognition problems - max eps problem on shows with unknown episodes
  • Fixed: main window was minimizing to tray even with the option disabled
  • Fixed *some* problems with sorting by columns in the Animelist area. Added sorting up/down.
  • New: after restarting malu, it will remember the last Anime you had loaded in the panel
  • Added the internal debugger again. Send reports if malu crashes.

== 30 July - "new" version is back

  • Mal API is back, so we can use the last version again.
  • Bookmarks fixed (button in nowplaying window)

== 24 July - temporal: older version

  • MAL has been suffering from downtimes during most of yesterday (24th), and the new API that was recently developed to use by Mal Updater and similar applications has been taken down for now, without any eta. I restored an old version of Mal Updater that uses the old methods before the Api changes. There are some bugs in this version that were fixed in the versions from 17th and 23rd, but at least you'll be able to use it until the Api is back.


== 23 July 2009

  • Full MAL Manga Api implementation. (this also fixes any previous manga update problems)
  • New Anime/Manga search, using the new MAL Apis.
  • Search/Add moved to the Animelist area, click the +
  • Many bug/crash fixes.
  • Filter labels will now become red when your list is filtered.

== 17 July 2009

  • Full MAL Anime Api implementation.
  • Many fixes to logic while updating eps and status (like set last episode after completion etc)
  • Some crash fixes
  • Theme center crash fixes
  • Some themes crashed while showing schedule window: fixed
  • Added "Delete" under change status box, to delete an Anime entry
  • "Music Video" type fixed

Keep sending crash reports.

== 13 July 2009

  • more bug fixes and recognition improvements, including support for some naming schemes from russian subbing groups

== 13 July 2009

  • Many bug fixes related to app crashes and themes. Please keep sending bug reports.

== 12 July 2009

  • Some bug fixes (related to crashes, not features)
  • Added "Music Video" type for the Animelist plugin
  • This is a debug version, if malu crashes you'll get a window with some debug info, please send it
  • New: system option for SSD. If you run the OS or Malu Portable from a SSD disk, enable this for some performance tweaks and more friendly disk writes to expand the disk life. (con: any changes to settings and logs might be lost if malu crashes)

== 10 July 2009

  • Fix: crash on start-up for some users with XP
  • Fix: Manga status updates

== 09 July 2009 - v2.5

Major update:

You can re-use part of the older themes from here:

  • Fixes to: unset (anime) rewatching, adding anime/manga, manga vol/score updates which stopped working after the recent change in MAL.
  • Preparing major areas for the upcoming offline mode.
  • Changes to NowPlaying window: This will now popup in a new window (can be disabled). Also you can retrieve this same information for any Anime that isn't currently playing, by clicking the new button in the Anime info panel (the one before the star).
  • Some changes to the updater app (the part that updates malu itself).
  • Many other minor fixes.

This is a major release with many, many many changes, please report bugs in the club forums.

== 28 May 2009

Last update until new major version II

  • Fixed: malu would sometimes crash on startup due to a corrupted log file
  • Fixed: major bug in PlayNext not finding files with alternate names

== 23 May 2009 - v2.27

Last update until new major version.

  • Small fix in animelist filters
  • New feature: episode bookmarks/favorites: bookmark episodes you like with a comment to play them back easily later on.

== 22 May 2009 - v2.26

  • Temporary fix for mal updates error: reverted back to normal updates, it's now fixed in MAL
  • Jpeg errors handling during network retrieval and checking for older stored images
  • New Animelist filters area (I know the buttons suck, feel free to design new ones and send me)
  • New Animelist filter: show only recently updated
  • (this was actually updated earlier) Added synonyms to search filters and some modifications to Season Browser display

== 20 May 2009

  • Fix: torrents were opening in the videoplayer instead of the torrents client

== 19 May 2009 - v2.25

  • many small fixes in anime list area
  • New airing schedules, including eta, colors by proximity of airing, and Airtime/Eta sorting
  • New torrents search source: this source is great, although limited to torrents since Jan 2009
  • New torrent search from the anime panel: search for older torrents
  • - Search also included in the torrents window
  • Animesuki torrents fix
  • Temporary fix for episode/status/etc updating (broken since this morning)

== 29 April 2009 - v2.21

Final build before a big update

  • Manga: fixed filters for publishing dates
  • Removed dropped list from torrents check
  • Fix: app crash when checking torrents if manga plugin was enabled and mangalist was empty
  • Added manga search/add

== 26 April 2009 - v2.20

  • Added dropped list to Anime and Manga
  • PlayNext: this will be a lot more accurate now, and also extremely (several times) faster

== 25 April 2009 - v2.19

  • Score sorting fixed
  • Manga updates (manual)
  • Sysinfo->IRC, cpu info doesn't need admin access anymore
  • Fix: black save settings button in Windows 7
  • Other bug fixes
  • Some changes in AnimeList visuals

== 23 April 2009 - v2.18

  • Tokyotosho links fix
  • New alternate MAL login method. Use this if you have been unable to login for the last few days. (under system settings)

== 21 April 2009

  • Tokyotosho fix

== 20 April 2009

  • Fixed html tags in anime/mangalist and some visual stuff.
  • IRC Video/Audio: added a button to retrieve DDE settings from mirc.ini automatically

== 13 April 2009

Fix: tags were being removed during media playback.

== 12 April 2009 - v2.17

Basic support for MangaList added. Discuss here:

== 01 April 2009

Network fixes in the live streaming video player.

== 31 March 2009 - v2.16

  • Improvements in recognition engine
  • New: Airing schedules: only basic listing for now, expect more on this later
  • Fix: Move Anime folder from the menu
  • Some changes in AnimeList
  • New IRC:Video plugin option: "Show Completed as Re-watching"
  • New option in the installer to reset all the settings from a previous install
  • New! Live Streaming Video, watch any Anime/Episode streamed from malupdater
  • Nintendo DS homebrew version coming soon
  • Warning: filters in Plugin:AnimeList have been reseted.

== 16 March 2009 - v2.15k

  • Added new visual option: "Disable Gradient Panels" -> Use this if you are on Classic Mode and can't read the text properly in the Anime info panel

== 15 March 2009 - v2.15j

  • Fixed issue with mal messages not hiding the image
  • Fixed enddate year bug
  • AnimeList changes

== 14 March 2009 - v2.15i

  • Added player: PotPlayer korean
  • Fixes to PluginMalMessages
  • Fixes to PluginAnimeList (max. ep updates, focusing, sorting after status change, other fixes)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cleared the anime logs (PluginLogging)

== 12 March 2009 - v2.15h

  • New plugin: Mal Messages Notifier
  • AnimeList: info panel will now open when you browse the list with the arrow keys

== 12 March 2009 - v2.15g

  • Some fixes in AnimeList (Play Ep. Menu and others)
  • Online users display
  • Fix "animepics folder not found.."

== 08 March 2009 - v2.15c

  • AnimeList tweaks (not tested.. but should be ok)
  • Added Offline Mode: open it from the main menu: Log Window. This will log media being played while offline, while online, updates, errors etc. Disable the plugin to stop logging, closing the window only hides it.

== 06 March 2009 - v2.15

  • Changes in the AnimeList display
  • File/Folder tools: fixes in the "find folders" feature
  • Other fixes
  • 2.15b: small tweak to AnimeList (click to open the panel)

== 28 Feb 2009 - v2.13

  • New Anime List
  • Added confirmation in "clear all filters" for torrents
  • Other minor fixes

== 20 Feb 2009 - v2.12

  • Fix: "What are my friends watching" was freezing malu
  • Fix: Browse for folder dialogs now stay on top of the windows
  • Fix: Window focus after browsing for a folder returns to the same window
  • Fix: when completing Anime, the end date was setting the year wrong
  • Fix: Icon for XP

== 17 Feb 2009 - v2.11

  • Fixed a bug which was resetting extra anime data like priority, fansub, storage, comments etc..
  • Fixed a problem with the updater when using Portable mode
  • Minor bug fixes

== 16 Feb 2009 - v2.10

  • Improved recognition engine
  • Settings are now loaded/saved several times faster, and no longer using the Windows Registry
  • Mal Updater now supports "Portable Mode". Run it from a memory stick with commandline "/portable" (without quotes) or use the Portable installer which includes the basic files and a shortcut. This mode will store settings in the same drive where it was launched, leaving no files at all in the computer. The app updater will automatically detect if you are using it as Portable and download a different new installer if needed.
  • Bug fixes
  • New option: Save Password

== 13 Feb 2009 - v2.01

  • Major stability fixes while playing Anime
  • Better multi-threading in the torrents plugin. Fixed a bug which froze the window for a few seconds

== MalUpdater v2.0

New Features

  • Filter Panel: to search anime in your list based on name, season, new episodes and more
  • Season Browser: to see an list of anime aired in the current and next seasons and add them to your list
  • Tag Editor: edit your tags for the anime from MALu2
  • Web Streaming support and anime recognition
  • Plugin System: all features are now divided in plugins and can be activated or deactivated.


  • File and Folders tool: now it can search, set and create folders for your anime, even more at a time (even all of them at once :P)
  • Now Playing Panel: now with a lot more info and links to the anime's forum threads
  • Improved Anime Recognition:
    • New Media Player reconized: Media Player Classic HomeCinema x64
    • Rewritten and improved recognition engine
  • Auto-search for new episodes in your anime folder(s)
  • Improved Torrents Plugin:
    • AnimeSuki 10days RSS feed support (in addition to the usual TokyoTosho one)
    • Greatly enhanced custom filters for torrents

Bug Fixes

  • Nothing here, it's the first release of 2.0

Coming up in the next versions

  • Themes
  • Custom Plugins support