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Supported IRC clients

While support for various IRC clients, and possibly an integrated IRC client in MALu2 is planned, as for now the only supported client is mIRC and of course all the existing mIRC variants (like for example Gamers.IRC or NoNameScript or any other you might find) are supported too since they're basically mIRC filled with tons of scripts (some useful, most not so much).

Setting the IRC clients


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mIRC settings window
MALu uses mIRC DDE server feature to send the messages to the chat window, so you will need to configure that.

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DDE configuration
After starting mIRC you will need to open the mIRC Options windows (Tools -> Options) and choose in the tree-menu on the left the Category "Other", then press the "DDE..." button. This will open the DDE configuration dialog.

In this window you will have to check "Enable DDE Server" and give it a name, the default name usually is mIRC, even though some version of the client have different names (for example Gamers.IRC has Gamers.IRC as DDE default name). The name doesn't really matter, you can put everything you want in there, as long as you remember it.
After pressing "OK" two times to save the configuration, you will need to restart mIRC to start the DDE Server too.

Broadcasting the Anime you're playing to IRC

There are two ways you can broadcast what are you watching on IRC, either manually or automatically.

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IRC Video Plugin
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MALu Now Playing Tab
To set up MALu to send automatically the info about what you're watching to IRC you need to configure the IRC: Video plugin, so press the Vista-logo button, click on Settings and in the window that will open click the "Plugins" button. Next check if the IRC: Video plugin is enabled (not gray) and if it's not click on the name to enable it (it will turn red), then press the gear icon to enter the plugin settings window. Here you can choose if you want to send it automatically or not. If you do choose to send it automatically you'll have the option to set some filters on the function, for example you might want to not send the info if you're rewatching an old episode, or one episode that is not the next you should see (maybe trying to spoil yourself the anime) or if you're watching an Hentai (don't worry, you don't need to, we understand).

Under channels and Misc Options you can choose if you want to send the info on all the channels you're on or only on some. If you choose the second you have to list the channel names in the textbox, without the "#" and separating them with a ";", no space between them is needed.

To manually send the Now Playing info to IRC (you can do that even if the automatic send info option is enabled), you need to click the "Send NowPlay info to IRC" button in the Now Playing tab (see screenshot on the right).

Broadcasting the music you're listening to to IRC

Broadcasting your system info to IRC

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Sys Info button
To send your system info to IRC you need to press the button with a CPU icon and "-> IRC" written on its right that's placed in the "Plugin Tools" window (the SysInfo plugin area is circled in the screenshot on the left). A small menu will pop up and you will have basically 2 options here: copying the info to the clipboard and then pasting it manually to the channel or (if you're using mIRC) to select the channel you want to display the info on and MALu2 will do the rest.