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This page will guide you to start MALu2 for the first time and to set up some basic MALu2 functions, namely: getting your MAL anime list to MALu2, auto update your list and make the Play Next buttons working, plus a couple of other less important settings.

First Steps

First you need to make an account on MyAnimeList if you don't already have one. If you need help with that read Making a MAL account

The first time you'll execute MALu2, you'll be prompted to join the MAL Updater club on MAL:

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MAL Updater Club prompt
If you answer YES, the main webpage of the MAL Updater Club on MyAnimeList will open on your default browser to let you join it, if you answer NO the prompt will just close. Either way this will be asked only once. If you pressed NO but you still haven't joined the club, you can always search for it on MAL or follow this link.

After that you'll see the MAL Updater windows, and it will look something like that: (but with the whole image and NSFW :D)

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MALu2 starting screen
As you can see, there's no list whatsoever and even if you click Login it won't work.

That's because you still need to set it up, so just press the button that looks like Windows Vista logo and a menu will open, click on "settings"

The Setting Window

After entering the settings window you will see the System tab and three buttons on the left to change the tab labeled "Syetem", "Visual" and "Plugin". System contains all the general settings (login info, proxy settings, settings import/export, autostart, etc...). Visual contains all the settings about the themes, transparency and fade in/out. Plugin contains a list of all the components in MALu2 and buttons to set them and activate/deactivate every single part.

System Settings tab

The first thing you need to set to start using MALu2 is your MAL username an password. I trust that I don't have to tell you where to write them :D

You might also want to turn on "Auto-login at startup" and, if you are using a Proxy to connect to the internet, this is the place where you have to insert the Proxy info.
The other options are quite self explanatory, but if you need more info about them, just move the mouse over them and in the bottom part of the window a short description about them will appear. You might also want to check the settings page.
Settings management (import, export, reset, etc..) are still not working in the beta (you might have guessed that since they're grayed out).
If you want you can find an example of an already configured System tab here.
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MALu2 System Settings tab

Visual Settings tab

Skip this for now, there isn't anything that you NEED to set right now, if you want some help with the settings in there, as mentioned before, just put the mouse pointer over them and read the description that will appear in the bottom part of the window. An alternative way is to check the settings page.

Plugin Settings tab

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Plugin Settings tab
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Anime List
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MAL Updates
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Play Next
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This is the page where most of the setting windows are opened from.
MALu2 functions are divided in groups, each controlled by a plugin that can be enabled, configured or disabled indipendently; those plugins are listed in this page and can be activated/deactivated by clicking on the names: if the box that contains the name is colored it means the plugin is activated, if it's gray it means the plugin is deactived. Clicking on the gear icon next to the name will open the settings tab for that addon.

That said, to get MALu2 working we need to set a couple of more things. Here's a list of the plugins and their settings that you might want to change at this point of time.

  • Anime List: nothing much to set here, but you might want to add your "Completed" list to MALu2 since by default it's turned off.

  • MAL Updates: by default MALu2 updates your list after 5 minutes you spent watching an episode, if you want it to update the epsiode only when you close the Media Player after watching the episode, you need to set "Smart Update" in this tab.

  • PlayNext: There are actually two tabs in there, for the moment ignore the second one (Anime Folders), while it does actually reduces a bit the time MALu2 needs to locate the next episode of an anime when you use Play Next, the improvement is almost unnoticable being plenty fast anyway. Those settings are mostly used by File Processing and Torrents plugins and we'll talk about there somewhere else.
    Focusing on the first tab, you will need to choose:
    • The folder where your anime are located, if you have them sorted in a lot of subfolders and such, it doesn't matter, just choose the folder that contains it all. You could also select a whole Hard Drive if you wanted to, but that will make the PlayNext function slower so I'd advise against it :P
    • MALu2 also checks for new episode in that folder and marks them in the list when turned on (and you can update the list manually), if you want MALu2 to also auto-update the list of new episodes avaiable by himself you need to check up the "Check Automatically Every (minutes)" option in this tab.
    • The last thing you might want to set up the Media Player that MALu2 will use to play anime when you press Play Next. By default MALu2 will use the Windows default media player for the kind of file it opens, but if you want to use a different one, just select it here.

Here's an example of a configurated PlayNext Tab.

  • Recognition: This step is quite important, if you don't configure this addon, MALu2 will NOT notice any anime you'll play on your computer. This module is what checks your computer to see if you're playing any anime; it can check both normal media players and streaming websites (like Veoh, YouTube, etc..) but NOT BOTH at the same time. So if you watch anime in both those ways you have to remember to change the settings here each time.
    To set up the media player recognition, you just need to add the players you use to watch anime to the leftmost list, you can do that by doubleclicking from the list on the right. You could also add all of them, but that will use up more resources (anyway not that much more, you probabily won't notice the difference either way), so it's better to just add those you actually use.
    The "Network Player" is a special case, and it's used to broadcast info between two MALu2 installed in different computers (or Virtual Machines) and it will be explained somewhere else.
    To set the recognition of streaming website you just need to choose the browser and the website you will be using. Notice that while media player recognition can check for multiple software, the website recognition will only check for one browser AND one website at a time, so if you change one of those you need to remember to modify this setting.