June 1st, 2020

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MyAnimeList Updater Features

This program connects to the website with your MAL user account and retrieves your Anime list.
From here on there’s a lot you can do:

  • Start watching some Anime in one of the supported players, and MalU will detect which Anime and episode it is, and update your MAL list automatically with the last episode you have watched.
  • That’s right: malu will check your video players and identify the Anime and episode.
  • See how many people are watching the same Anime at the same time, and open a chat window with them
  • Manually sort and update your list from MalU (episode watched, score, status, etc)
  • Tell MalU to search in your hard disk for the next episode of the Anime you are currently watching, or from any in your list, and launch it in your default player.
  • You can even use a HotKey and hook a mouse button for this. There is also an option so that malu automatically launches the next episode when you close the player
  • Have it automatically check TokyoTosho for torrents of new episodes for the Anime in your list, have it download and launch the .torrents automatically according to some filters,     and even tell uTorrent to store each file in its own Anime folder, if you have set it for every show. You can even have it automatically discard either MKV or AVI when both versions are present.
  • Check your hard disk to see which Anime have new episodes available, and how many
  • Show in MSN and mIRC what you are watching, including your score, ep/eptotal and a URL to information of the Anime.
  • You don’t need to install any extra plugins or scripts in msn or mirc for this.
  • Show in mIRC what you are listening to in either winamp or Last.fm. No extra plugins/scripts either for this
  • You can make your own php forum signature which shows what you are currently watching, your last updates etc..
  • Batch rename your Anime files to some criteria like Fansub – Anime Name – Episode
  • Send your computer system info to a mIRC channel (ok this is unrelated to Anime, but you can use this to replace any script/dlls you are currently using).
  • It has full 64-bit support and detects more than 4GB of ram
  • Easily move and rename entire folders of Anime with a batch tool.

More info in the MAL club: http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=907

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